Two Degrees NFT


Two Degrees (2021) — terra0


Art as a contingent claim

Lee Lozano, Investment Piece, 1969 © The Estate of Lee Lozano

Two degrees — a hedge against annihilation

Preview video of the NFT

Technical details — the best oracle might be a DAO / multisig

  1. TemperatureToken
    This is an ERC721 compliant token deployed at 0xabf5c7c066a48a06524438f6f51bdceb6e670dad (view it on etherscan). This is the token which is sold. It implements a standard ERC721 interface and uses mostly OpenZeppelin standardized functions. On top of this there is a small access control layer which allows the TemperatureOracle contract to burn the minted token if the annual average temperature increase is 2 degrees or higher.
  2. TemperatureOracle
    This contract holds the temperature in two variables: the temperatureDenuminator and the temperatureNumerator. The annual average temperature increase is calculated using both of these numerators — for example, if their values were 101 and 100, this would resolve to 1.01, the current average temperature rise. This contract is deployed at 0x14e0061CFF890F422Ab5e7C95a6a1ce4AC02De77 (view it on etherscan).

How does the temperature update process work?

How does the burning process work?




A DAO framework for natural resource administration.

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A DAO framework for natural resource administration.

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